Who is group singing for?

In two words: LITERALLY EVERYONE. Group singing is an informal, laid-back music making experience designed for each group that gathers together. There's no audition, there's no pressure for sounding a certain way, there's no pressure for performing for others, there's no expectation of prior knowledge of music reading. While sheet music will sometimes be available, all songs will be taught aurally, meaning "by ear."

Sometimes the group is pre-existing (schools, daycares, senior homes, homeschool groups, parent groups), sometimes it is a group that starts as strangers and quickly bond through music making. 

Benefits of group singing

It doesn't take that much of a Google search to figure out the benefits of group singing. Here are a few standout articles if you feel like diving into the research: 10 Ways That Singing Benefits Your Health (Healthline); 6 Psychological and Physical Benefits of Choral Singing (CMUSE); Choir Singing Improves Health, Happiness - And is the Perfect Icebreaker (University of Oxford); Benefits of Group Singing for Community Mental Health and Wellbeing (Vichealth); Group Singing as a Resource for the Development of a Healthy Public: A Study of Adult Group Singing (Nature); Choral Singers Sync Heartbeats (Scientific American); The New Science of Singing Together (Greater Good Magazine)

But really, here's what you need to know. Group singing is So. Much. Fun! And it feels really good. 

Available group singing opportunities

  • 2nd Monday of the month - Community Group Sing
    • Beginning Monday, September 12th
    • Come learn some short and satisfying layer songs both familiar and new
    • No prior experience or music reading ability necessary
    • Location TBD
    • More information coming soon!

Looking for something specific for a group?

Contact me if you have an already established group and you would like to offer group singing as a fun way of community building, bonding, and collaborative music making.